How to fall asleep when you have trouble sleeping

22nd Sept, 2020

Insomnia is something I am incredibly familiar with. I am often told to play 'sleepy soundtracks' which will allegedly send me straight into a wonderfully deep sleep. As a dancer, I have found it does the opposite. As if with a 'ghost camera', I have recreated the typical result. 

6 minutes of white women playing 20 questions

16th July, 2020

As our attention is drawn to the structural racism that surrounds us every day, I refelect on how the problem infiltrates not only our professional evironments, but also our party games. 

'Yoga', near Cambridge, England

30th June, 2020

As lockdown begins to lift and the rules become ambiguous, we find it is still almost deserted outside in the rural villages of East Anglia. We know that self care is important; though sometimes it is less straight forward than we'd like it to be.

"Mindfulness". Thinking about the strange relationship between the human and the tiny spider.

The interviews (the workshop)

10th May, 2020

I found myself workshopping a piece I'd written (The Interviews) with some fantastic players. Subsequently, I reflected critically on my own behaviour during the workshop; and on the madness of imposter syndrome. 

"Conducting" a spoken passage in 4/4 time

9th May, 2020

I wondered how easy it would be to read an extract with an obnoxiously loud metronome in my ear. I wondered how easy it would be to "conduct" the recording, pre-emptively. I pondered the relationship between dance and conducting. This extract is taken from Matt Haig's book The Humans.

I sat down at a piano and read the text again. Sometimes it's nice just to sit and play.

Solos & rolos - in collaboration with James McIlwrath

20th April, 2020

As we become accustomed to our own company, I attempt to communicate with my mirror double. I try to lose the faulty notion that [complex choreography = good art] and just play like nobody’s watching. (Because literally no one is. It's so quiet out here).

Silencia - in collaboration with James McIlwrath

20th April, 2020

‘Nothing makes you feel smaller, more trivial, than such a vast transformation inside your own mind while the world carries on, oblivious. Yet there is nothing more freeing. To accept your smallness in the world’ (Haig, Reasons to Stay Alive). I wanted to capture what this meant to me.

A silent film

20th April, 2020

A little frame for some long, stripy, colourful socks. I mean ‘frame’ in terms of time as well as space. I've worn these socks more than I care to admit during lockdown thus far.

Treasure hunt - in collaboration with Kat Wallace

18th June, 2020

Performed at CODA Online Festival, 2020. In the spirit of COVID-19, CODA festival was cancelled due to lockdown. So, also in the spirit of COVID-19, we hosted a zoom-based treasure hunt, where participants were guided by musical and artistic clues. We had great players and an enthusiastic audience. May we never again be subjected to so many zoom quizzes.

-Video Footage Coming Soon-

Fishes in a tank - in collaboration with Leon Trimble

20th April, 2020

Having been couped up too long, I'm feeling a bit creative but mostly claustrophobic. I therefore decide to see if I can create the effetcs of fish swimming around a tank using myself in a small room and Final Cut Pro. Success? I think the title helps...

Work poem - revamped

7th April, 2020

I find myself locked down with a single bag of my belongings. So, I revisit a poem I wrote in 2019 in order to play around with minimalist costume ideas (yep, the tie).

I feel that many of us share frustrations with office email communication [upside down smiley face]. Every office has a Paul, a Grace, an Adele and a Sue.

No-handed park experiment

24th March, 2020

England officially goes into lockdown. People are able to exercise outside once a day whilst social distancing. Later in the lockdown period, such major contact with park equipment will be frowned upon - but at this early point, the behaviour is generally considered acceptable. Everybody is very confused.

I want to document the essence of these mad times; the eerily empty park with the clear blue sky and the birdsong, clear against the quiet.

1 minute exercise challenge

20th March, 2020

Isolation, week one. Please join me in attempting a 1 minute exercise challenge in your own home, using household items. Video objectives include but are not limited to:

- being a bit silly

- mocking excessive fitness blogs on social media

- mocking excessive ‘how to’ videos on social media

- getting rid of nervous energy

Good morning Grace, I hope you're well...

14th July, 2019

I feel that many of us share frustrations with office email communication [upside down smiley face]. Every office has a Paul, a Grace, an Adele and a Sue.

Why not listen to our treasure hunt's conclusion?

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